Motley Record Store Signing, November 1983

Here's some awesome footage of the Crue at a Citrus Heights, California record store signing on November 20th, 1983. This was only recently shared on YouTube and comes straight from the filmer. Here's the info from the YouTube page:

Motley Crue- Record Factory, Citrus Heights Ca. 11/20/83 xfer from 1st gen VHS

Published on Apr 29, 2018
So, back in 1983, Motley Crue blessed our humble little Record Factory (the one by Sunrise Mall, now a Nation's Hamburgers) with their presence. My cousin Tony Schwartz & I worked with the guys at Record Factory to bring in my uncle's video camera (one of the ones that had the camera & the VCR to record as separate components, and made people see-thru when they moved) to film the signing. This is the lowest gen available- the master was lost. Highlights: - Seeing the inside of record factory. I bought so many metal records there in the early 80s. - Seeing the crowd. it looks like heavy metal parking lot in here. - seeing the first guy in line (with his crue gloves) being impossibly stoked at meeting the band and... getting shut down by the band's management. Oh well, it would have been boring to watch them sign autographs for an hour. Recorded by: Bill Schwartz, Tony Schwartz, Shayne Stacy Equipment Used: Ancient video camera. PS: I tried posting this the other day and it was blocked because it had Motley Crue's music on the video. I jumped through Youtube's "music removal tool" hoops, waited, and it was still blocked. So I thought I'd do something fun. Instead of listen to The Crue wank away, I curated an audio track of some of my favorite underground metal that was released in 1983. The audio soundtrack is: 1. Loudness- In the Mirror 2. Exciter- Heavy Metal Maniac 3. Jag Panzer- Battle Zones 4. Savatage- Sirens (cut). Enjoy.

June 9th, 1982, Cruesing Through Canada, Edmonton

Well Crueheads, we've heard about Motley's infamous 1982 "Cruesing Through Canada" tour for 35 yrs. Bomb threats, bar fights, border issues with Crue's S&M paraphenilia . . . the good old days! We never had any pics or video or audio of this tour, just Crue memories, until June 9th, 2017!

This 35 yr old news clip popped up yesterday from CBC Edmonton News in Canada. The boys are lipsyncing the Leathur version of "Live Wire" at the bar Scandals, where they're to be performing for the third night in a row. They address a bomb threat that Crueheads later learned was a band publicity stunt! Nikki, of course, has a few words & there's about 1 minute of absolutely vintage, rare & awesome early Motley!!! Here's a news article spelling out the video:

1981-11-12-Motley On MTV: Live at the Roxy, November 1981

I did a post about this ultra rare & ultra rad video when it was first shared (and then soon deleted!) on YouTube by EliteWorks back in 2011. To dig more stills I made, a transcription of the text & more general details on the video, go HERE to see more at The Sleaze Patrol Files.

This is the whole video. This, the original tape copies of Motley's first videos of 'Take Me To The Top' & 'Public Enemy #1' (the band makes fun of these in 'Uncensored'-they are online), the original copy of their first Starwood shows in April 1981 plus more rare ex-manager Alan Coffman holdings were offered to the Motleys for a mere $10, 000 & they said 'No! This is our property, give it to us or we'll sic our lawyers on you' & now I'm not sure what is to be done with this amazingly important Motley footage.

1983 Heavy Metal News Report & A Motley Make-Up Mystery

This is a news report about Heavy Metal music from the year 1983. This was the year when Metal seemed to break & bands like Motley, Quiet Riot, Def Leppard & the Scorpions were becoming household names & grabbing the attention of the youth of the western world.
The audio is bad (this is old stuff) but it's a rare piece of film of our heroes. The video for 'Live Wire' is shown throughout & we get some clips of producer Tom Werman talking about the appeal of Metal. He would know. Tom produced Motley's second album (&, arguably, their masterpiece) Shout At The Devil. Around June 1983 Tom & the Crue went into the studio. When I watched this vid for the first time [today!] I was kinda hoping, thinking to myself, Man I hope they show an interview clip! . . . & then, suddenly there they are! And from an interview I have never seen before! And from an early Shout photo session it looks like. They're having a drink, Nikki's speaking (of course) & sounds like he had a couple whiskeys & says,

'We're not here to make you feel heartache or any of that type of shit [bleeped]. You can save that for other bands. We're just here to have a good time & we'll have a good time as long as anybody will have us.'

Ah, the man's a poet! But seriously, we need to see more of this film. Also, take a look at Nikki's make-up. He has double lines under both eyes. Tommy would use that on his cheek (& is the subject of the goofy joke at the end of the 'Too Young Too Fall In Love' video). A Motley inside joke? Anybody with any more information about this report or this interview please leave a comment. Here's the news report:

[Warning: Bad Audio! Turn Down Your Volume! Adjust Accordingly!]

[Updated 2017] Have been meaning to edit this post a while . . . I realized that this interview is probably the band in the green room of that Pop & Rocker lip-sync performance they did of LOOKS & LIVE WIRE just before SHOUT was released in the Fall of 1983. There's only one part where you can see very well but Nikki has the two lines under his eyes in this performance and they're wearing the same costumes and make-up. Soooooo much vintage Rock footage is likely tied up in many archives of old TV stations and News shows. Could be more gems in the future.

Crue Cocaine Chat with Barry Richards, February 1984

Barry Richards was a popular Music TV host who had a show based out of New Orleans, Louisiana called Video Trax & he ran into our heroes on February 19th, 1984 when they opened for Ozzy Osbourne at the UNO Kiefer Lakefront Arena. This short minute-long interview clip is pure gold not only for the candid glimpse at the boys (Nikki, Vince & Tommy) in their full youthful glory touring behind their possibly best record . . . but we get to hear them bitch a little bit about KISS who had kicked the Motleys off their Creatures Of The Night Tour in 1982 & we get to see them seconds after doing a line of coke as Nikki wipes at his nose & all present nostrils seem to be aggravated, ha ha! No doubt the line was supplied by Mr. Richards himself. I did my online detective work & turned up more of the clip which followed an Ozzy interview & a mention of a wild night in the French Quarter.
Go the THIS page to see the Ozzy & Motley film in full.

From Paul Miles' 1984 History page at Chronological Crue:

Mötley and Ozzy arrive in New Orleans on the second night of Mardi Gras. Tommy, Nikki and Jake E. Lee from Ozzy’s band get themselves into a knife fight at a bar on Bourbon Street, while Vince and Ozzy check out some local strip clubs.

[the above inscription is from the Shout At The Devil cassette liner notes. 'Krell' is Motley's word for coke].

X-Rated Motley Crue, August 1985

This two part news story from Minneapolis Channel 5 Eyewitness News drops us into the Theatre Of Pain Tour in August, 1985. Motley played the Civic Center Forum in St. Paul, MN on August 17th & we not only get clips of Crue fans explaining why they like the band but we also get some video of the band onstage & Nikki & Tommy interviewed backstage. There are some great segments where the lyrics to 'Live Wire' are written on the screen as the video plays & there is mention of the infamous radio call-in contest where pre-teens wrote x-rated responses in answer to what they would do to meet their heroes Motley! Also, check out the rad Allister Fiend flag those St. Paul fans made!

Crue Commercials Part 1

I'm gonna post all kinds of Motley video from now on, with a focus on the first 10 yrs & then stuff from their whole career because there's just so much Crue content nowadays!

Here's some Crue advertisements from over the years.

First, we have a TV commercial for the Motley Crue and Y&T concert in Pittsburgh, PA - airdate: July 13, 1985.

Next are some 1987 Girls, Girls, Girls era vids. A radio ad for the album (when it was sitting at#3 on the charts) & the TV spot for the MTV Motley Cruise To Nowhere contest [more on that at our sister blog HERE].

Here are some ads for a 1-900 Motley 
Hotline from 1989 before Dr. Feelgood was released.