Live in Ottawa, Canada, October 24th, 1987

The Motley's with the more-successful-at-the-moment Whitesnake invaded Canada's sleepy capital city back in the Fall of 1987. Every good Cruehead who has read his Motley Nursery Rhymes knows that we're in the thick of the most decadent hour of the original Decade with this show. The books 'The Dirt' & 'The Heroin Diaries' & a thousand Rock magazine articles from back in the day told us or alluded to the madness that was happening in those days.

Canadian Crueheads have supplied us with many of our ONLY Crue video concert bootlegs from back in the day. God bless those sturdy archivists who braved incarceration & pained backs to film our Rock n' Roll animals in their natural element, in the good old days!!

Here's a review from a fan named Olivier who attended that night. We got this from the great SLEAZE ROXX website HERE

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