1981-11-12-Motley On MTV: Live at the Roxy, November 1981

I did a post about this ultra rare & ultra rad video when it was first shared (and then soon deleted!) on YouTube by EliteWorks back in 2011. To dig more stills I made, a transcription of the text & more general details on the video, go HERE to see more at The Sleaze Patrol Files.

This is the whole video. This, the original tape copies of Motley's first videos of 'Take Me To The Top' & 'Public Enemy #1' (the band makes fun of these in 'Uncensored'-they are online), the original copy of their first Starwood shows in April 1981 plus more rare ex-manager Alan Coffman holdings were offered to the Motleys for a mere $10, 000 & they said 'No! This is our property, give it to us or we'll sic our lawyers on you' & now I'm not sure what is to be done with this amazingly important Motley footage.


  1. Hi, I can't find a contact or email link at this page - I'd like to ask for your help re: an old Crue interview from '84 which I am after. It's for a documentary I am working on. Can you please let me know how to contact you? Cheers!

    1. Hello Slaughter, unless it's on Youtube I'm not likely to have it. I'm not a major collector or have a big all-around collection, most of my stuff is from the 1980s and magazines.
      Having said that, contact me at cruefunz@gmail.com