In The Beginning . . . 1981, April 24-25th, The Starwood

How lucky are Crueheads that Motley's very first performance with new recruit Vince Neil
on April 24-25th, opening for Y & T at the Starwood, was filmed?! Nikki met Tommy on January 17th, 1981. Mick placed an ad in Recycler Magazine in February boasting 'Loud, Rude & Aggressive Guitarist Available' & was auditioned & kicked out the previous guitarist. Vince was finally coerced into practicing with the band at the first of April. From the 24th we have the boys playing their single 'Toast of the Town'.

The band sounds great &, really, never got much better as a live act. Here's video from the same night of the Crue tackling a Beatles tune, 'Paperback Writer'. Motley covered the Beatles several times in the '80s. They would cover 'Helter Skelter' on 1983's Shout At The Devil and would reference 'She's So Heavy' at the end of 'Slice Of Your Pie' on 1989's Dr. Feelgood.


There are only about 10 songs from both nights with the second night's video (April 25th) being particularly dark & indistinguishable. From the second night we have the Crue doing another cover, a pretty power Pop Rock tune called 'Tonight' originally written & performed by The Raspberries. They also demoed this tune at this time.



Here's some related video: Y & T [aka Yesterday & Tomorrow] performing in 1981 and a tribute video to The Starwood.


And, finally, the complete shows, all in one video on YouTube by awesome uploader CrueFanatic69. The band's first two music videos play at the end as well. Why not take an hour out of your day & enjoy some truly vintage Motley!