June 9th, 1982, Cruesing Through Canada, Edmonton

Well Crueheads, we've heard about Motley's infamous 1982 "Cruesing Through Canada" tour for 35 yrs. Bomb threats, bar fights, border issues with Crue's S&M paraphenilia . . . the good old days! We never had any pics or video or audio of this tour, just Crue memories, until June 9th, 2017!

This 35 yr old news clip popped up yesterday from CBC Edmonton News in Canada. The boys are lipsyncing the Leathur version of "Live Wire" at the bar Scandals, where they're to be performing for the third night in a row. They address a bomb threat that Crueheads later learned was a band publicity stunt! Nikki, of course, has a few words & there's about 1 minute of absolutely vintage, rare & awesome early Motley!!! Here's a news article spelling out the video: