Crue Cocaine Chat with Barry Richards, February 1984

Barry Richards was a popular Music TV host who had a show based out of New Orleans, Louisiana called Video Trax & he ran into our heroes on February 19th, 1984 when they opened for Ozzy Osbourne at the UNO Kiefer Lakefront Arena. This short minute-long interview clip is pure gold not only for the candid glimpse at the boys (Nikki, Vince & Tommy) in their full youthful glory touring behind their possibly best record . . . but we get to hear them bitch a little bit about KISS who had kicked the Motleys off their Creatures Of The Night Tour in 1982 & we get to see them seconds after doing a line of coke as Nikki wipes at his nose & all present nostrils seem to be aggravated, ha ha! No doubt the line was supplied by Mr. Richards himself. I did my online detective work & turned up more of the clip which followed an Ozzy interview & a mention of a wild night in the French Quarter.
Go the THIS page to see the Ozzy & Motley film in full.

From Paul Miles' 1984 History page at Chronological Crue:

Mötley and Ozzy arrive in New Orleans on the second night of Mardi Gras. Tommy, Nikki and Jake E. Lee from Ozzy’s band get themselves into a knife fight at a bar on Bourbon Street, while Vince and Ozzy check out some local strip clubs.

[the above inscription is from the Shout At The Devil cassette liner notes. 'Krell' is Motley's word for coke].

X-Rated Motley Crue, August 1985

This two part news story from Minneapolis Channel 5 Eyewitness News drops us into the Theatre Of Pain Tour in August, 1985. Motley played the Civic Center Forum in St. Paul, MN on August 17th & we not only get clips of Crue fans explaining why they like the band but we also get some video of the band onstage & Nikki & Tommy interviewed backstage. There are some great segments where the lyrics to 'Live Wire' are written on the screen as the video plays & there is mention of the infamous radio call-in contest where pre-teens wrote x-rated responses in answer to what they would do to meet their heroes Motley! Also, check out the rad Allister Fiend flag those St. Paul fans made!

Crue Commercials Part 1

I'm gonna post all kinds of Motley video from now on, with a focus on the first 10 yrs & then stuff from their whole career because there's just so much Crue content nowadays!

Here's some Crue advertisements from over the years.

First, we have a TV commercial for the Motley Crue and Y&T concert in Pittsburgh, PA - airdate: July 13, 1985.

Next are some 1987 Girls, Girls, Girls era vids. A radio ad for the album (when it was sitting at#3 on the charts) & the TV spot for the MTV Motley Cruise To Nowhere contest [more on that at our sister blog HERE].

Here are some ads for a 1-900 Motley 
Hotline from 1989 before Dr. Feelgood was released.