Crue Commercials Part 1

I'm gonna post all kinds of Motley video from now on, with a focus on the first 10 yrs & then stuff from their whole career because there's just so much Crue content nowadays!

Here's some Crue advertisements from over the years.

First, we have a TV commercial for the Motley Crue and Y&T concert in Pittsburgh, PA - airdate: July 13, 1985.

Next are some 1987 Girls, Girls, Girls era vids. A radio ad for the album (when it was sitting at#3 on the charts) & the TV spot for the MTV Motley Cruise To Nowhere contest [more on that at our sister blog HERE].

Here are some ads for a 1-900 Motley 
Hotline from 1989 before Dr. Feelgood was released.

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